Aftershave: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Use It Right

When trying to get a good shave, there’s often no telling how it will go. Sometimes it looks really good, but there are instances when it is just a miss. Fortunately, there are a few key steps you can take to achieve a smooth, clean shave. One of the most popular face products for men that can help them with this is aftershave.

Contrary to popular belief, aftershave is not just for keeping your freshly shaved beard smelling good. Do it right and it can help you get that top-quality shave every time. This article will break down everything you need to know!

Why Is Aftershave Important?

One of the main purposes of aftershave is to disinfect your skin. A good aftershave is formulated with antiseptics that kill bacteria on the skin’s surface. This is necessary because the sharp blade abrades the skin, which can cause irritation. Using a quality aftershave ensures that you heal from your shave quickly and minimizes the risk of razor burn.

Another benefit of aftershave is that it can repair worn-out skin. A good aftershave should contain an anesthetic that helps by renewing and healing the skin. It should also be designed to be an all-in-one astringent that helps to close off any open skin pores.

Of course, aftershaves also include fragrances and moisturizing ingredients to help you smell fresh and keep your skin smooth and hydrated!

Best Tips for Aftershaving

Here are four simple tips to help do your aftershaving correctly.

Tip #1: Apply by Tapping

Apply the aftershave product on your face by tapping instead of rubbing. This makes the product last longer and will prevent skin irritation. Do not rub it on your face since it can break up the aftershave components and make the product evaporate more quickly.

Tip #2: Choose an aftershave that also contains a moisturizer

Your aftershave should also contain a moisturizer that can help heal razor burn, restore and heal the skin. If your current aftershave does not have any moisturizing ingredients, then you are using the wrong aftershave.

Tip #3: Make It More Fragrant

In connection to the previous tip, you can choose a scented aftershave so you can boost the fragrance of your shaving experience. Aside from moisturizers, your grooming cream should have the same fragrance so that you are laying scents and the fragrance will last longer. Make sure that you are using products from the same brand or collection so that the scents won’t clash with each other.


Putting on aftershave is a step you should not skip as it will help you smell and feel good while protecting your skin and keeping it healthy.

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