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The Correct Way to Do Your Morning Routine

Every man needs a proper grooming routine to ensure soft, smooth, and blemish-free skin along with shiny, well-maintained facial hair. However, many are unsure about the proper steps to incorporate into their routine, impacting how their skin absorbs the product and the resulting effectiveness. That means there’s a correct order in completing your skincare and hair care in the morning, especially if you’re going for specific results. It’s important to note that certain hair or skin issues you’d like to correct may add more steps to the list. To make it easy to adapt, we’ve made a general list of the correct way to do your morning routine, which will ensure that your skin care products work as they should....

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Men’s Skincare Products and Routine: A Guide for Beginners

Cosmetics and skincare products, in general, used to target mostly women. Since men's skincare products were scarce in the past, males who wanted to take better care of their skin were forced to borrow women’s products. Unfortunately, the results were less than satisfying due to substantial hormonal differences in the skin structure of males.  Women’s Skin vs. Men’s Skin: Understanding the Differences One of the major differences between men’s and women’s skin is that men’s epidermis, or the outermost skin layer, is 20 percent thicker than women’s. This means men’s skin is less prone to wrinkles and skin creases. It is also the reason why you are less likely to be cold than women.  Another difference is that women rarely...

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What Should Men Know About Aftershave: An Explainer

Any gel, oil, liquid, or other substance placed on your face post-shave is considered aftershave. Many people treat it as a full-on ritual, and it has found its way to most men’s skin care routines. There is no harm in aftershave being applied for either the soothing or disinfection of your skin, and it may actually be the best face product for men. That said, certain aftershaves can have certain toxicity and/or be entirely harmful to skin. Read on to learn more about aftershave including good and bad ingredients as well as whether it has uses outside of shaving. What Are the Benefits of Aftershave? Aftershave has several benefits, and a chunk of it involves the ingredients. For the most...

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The Importance of Moisturizing Skin for Men and How to Do It

Face moisturizer for men used to be taboo for many since skincare was mostly targeted towards females. Now, there is no room for old-fashioned gender roles since your complexion can be just as prone to imperfections unless taken care of properly. However, you may not be convinced about its benefits. You could also be hesitant to lather things on your skin since it may be your first time. Use this article as your guide to better look after yourself.  Why Should Men Moisturize Their Skin?  Moisturizer products for men often refer to beard oil/cream, hand lotion, face cream, and other skincare items designed to keep different areas of the body hydrated. Drinking water and using mild soap can help with...

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Proper After-Shave Tips: What Men Do Wrong All the Time

Shaving is not an uncommon practice. For most men, it’s the quickest and easiest way to eliminate unwanted hair. The problem is that this causes many men to think they might have found the perfect routine and what it should be.  Typically, once they are done with shaving, they would apply another product onto their face to ensure that the skin remains in good condition.  Before you start putting random products on your face, you should know that aftershave should be applied right after you finish shaving. If you are used to applying just anything you grab without thinking about it, whether it is cologne or other products, you might need to rethink your choices. This article will talk about...

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