Why Your Beard Smells the Way It Does and How to Improve it

Beards can look amazing and impressive and yet smell the opposite. While there are various ways to fix that, you need to know why it smells the way it does first. Before we begin to take on the reasons behind the bad smell coming from your beard, let's get to know what the natural smell of your beard is and how it should smell.

After a few days of not shaving, your beard will start to smell like your natural scent. This scent is quite pleasant and shouldn't be changed. A sweet-smelling perfume can cause you to smell a bit weird and odd.

No matter how good you think the perfume is, it might not smell good with the natural smell of your beard.

Today, let's explore essential things you need to know.

Why Does a Beard Smell Bad? 


The most common reason for a beard to smell bad is bacteria. It is natural for our bodies to be colonized by bacteria. We have hundreds of thousands of microorganisms living in and on us. There are many benefits to this. However, some types of bacteria, such as staphylococcus epidermidis, are always present in our body on the skin and hair follicles. The bacteria on the skin produce a lipase protein that breaks down our sebum.


The environment that you are in may change the way your beard smells. For example, if you spend a lot of time in humid spaces, the microbes that thrive in such spaces could find their way into your beard. You may also have a beard that smells bad if you have been on the road for long hours or sweat a lot.

Hormonal Changes

As you grow older, your body's hormonal changes can affect the amount of hormones you produce. This will cause your sweat to smell differently. This is why your beard can start to smell as you grow older.

How to Make You Beard Smell Good 

Clean Your Beard Daily

One of the easiest ways to make your beard smell good is to wash it at least twice daily. The frequency you wash your beard depends on your grooming habits. If you keep it clean and smelling good, you will not end up attracting bacteria that will cause it to smell bad.

Cleaning your beard can help you get rid of dirt and dandruff. You can also use shampoo on it, which will help improve the smell. This can, however, make your beard dry, so be sure to use a moisturizer afterward.

Exfoliate Regularly

Another tip to make your beard smell good is to exfoliate it. You can use a specialized beard buffer or scrubs to rub your face gently daily. This will help eliminate dead cells on your beard, making it smooth and soft. You should exfoliate for three to four minutes per day.


Massaging your beard to eliminate dead cells and dirt is another excellent way to make it smell good. Use your fingers, a beard brush, and water to massage your beard to help keep it clean.

Keep It Moisturized 

Keep your beard moisturized to help maintain its natural smell. You can use beard oil to keep it moisturized. You can also use some natural oils and moisturizers such as coconut oil and shea butter. These can help keep your beard soft and smelling good.

The Bottom Line

Your beard is a natural part of your skin and will always have a natural scent. If it smells bad, it is essential to know why and what to do. There are different reasons behind a bad smell, and it is vital to know them all. One of the easy ways to maintain your beard is to keep it nice and clean!

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