Why Grooming Is Manlier Than Ever (And What You Need to Start)

Living as a man nowadays can be nothing short of difficult: you’re expected to have the hygiene of a germaphobe, have the fortitude of a Viking, possess the looks of an Adonis, and maintain the confidence of an icon. 

While it is true that women have it harder than men do, it can be difficult to be a guy as well because society places a whole lot of pressure to be strong, bold, and confident as our predecessors were. However, these expectations can also be wrong to some extent, particularly in terms of giving the wrong mindset and instilling incorrect notions about “masculinity.”

When we talk about incorrect notions, we’re referring to concepts and mantras such as “boys don’t cry” or “only men should be breadwinners!” Among the different misconceptions that societal pressure has reinforced over centuries, however, one particular idea that is especially wrong is that grooming isn’t manly—which is why many men don’t feel as confident as they should be.

Where the Notions Are Wrong

For decades, the most “masculine” of men were sold on the fact that grooming was an experience that only women could enjoy because it was feminine, soft, weak, and vain. Little did unsuspecting boys-turned-men know, however, that these ideas were perpetuated by people who couldn’t soap themselves properly even if their lives depended on it!

You see, taking the time to groom yourself isn’t the “weakness” that outdated bravado makes it to be. Taking care of oneself is a prerogative for being strong, bold, and confident—three key concepts that make for quintessential manliness! When you consider the practicality of cleaning up and keeping your appearance kempt, in fact, the bigger picture shows that grooming is masculine, strong, and empowering. 

What do you need to begin?

Once you realize just how manly proper grooming can be, you’re bound to feel the urge to start looking after yourself even more—but it pays to know exactly what you can use for the best results. If you haven’t stocked up on male grooming essentials before, here’s a checklist of items that you’ll need to bring out a more confident, powerful, and bolder version of you:

[  ] Dion Michaels Grooming Cream

In terms of setting the right foundation for your grooming regimen, it’s important to know that cleansing and moisturizing are going to be your bread and butter—and it just so happens that our grooming cream does both!

The face is exposed to all sorts of conditions that can mess up its complexion and cause problems like unsightly blemishes, painful pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. By applying our Grooming Cream every day and every night, however, you’ll be able to prep and prime your skin well enough to avoid any unwanted dirt or germs from settling on your face.

Aside from giving your face the cleansing and moisturizing that it needs to grow, our Grooming Cream is also great for giving a much cleaner shave. By using the product also as a shaving cream for your face as well as your head (for men that sport the bald look), you’ll be able to soften that unwanted hair and achieve a cleaner, smoother look post-shave for that maintained handsomeness!

[  ] Dion Michaels Skin Balm

Any well-rounded male grooming routine doesn’t only rely on the use of only a Grooming Cream to cleanse and moisturize, as a winning solution also entails the application of proper aftercare! Fortunately, there’s one solution that can be used to provide your face with the added protection and nourishment it needs to feel light, plump, and glowing: our skin balm.

With a regular application of the skin balm, you essentially give your skin the first topical line of defense it needs to protect it from dirt, chemicals, and other substances that wreak havoc on your face. On top of providing protection, a regular application of our Skin Balm also works wonders after shaving because it helps protect the skin and freshly shaved areas from the presence of free radicals with ease. For those men that are sporting a beard, our skin balm will provide the conditioning and grooming one needs to tame any unkept mane!


If you want to give yourself a degree of confidence, comfort, and manliness that you can rely on day-in, day-out, then it’s important to stay true to a well-rounded grooming routine. Through the help of the key points and products mentioned above, you can help pave the way for a much better version of yourself that not only looks great but feels great as well! 

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