Why Should You Treat Your Skin Differently After Working Out?

Some people sweat a lot. They're not to be blamed, though—heat, anxiety, sickness, and stress can all wring us dry like a wet cloth. This near-constant sweating got us thinking about what perspiration does to your skin when it isn't rinsed away.  

According to dermatologists, sweat is like grandma's casserole: great right out of the oven, but not so much after a day. 

First, let's talk about the positive—in addition to cooling you down, those salty drops of sweat act as pipe cleaners for your pores, flushing out any dirt and grime that might otherwise cause you to break out like a hormonally-charged 13-year-old. 

There is, however, a catch. Allowing sweat to dry immediately on your skin encourages it to return to your pores, along with any zit-causing toxins it may have brought with it in the first place.  

What does this imply in practice? You should shower or, at the very least, wash your face immediately following a workout or any large episode of sweat, dermatologist Anthony Rossi recommends. Or else, he adds, you'll have the potential for a terrible breakout. 

So, as they say, sweat it out—but also wash up afterward, for your own sake and the sake of anybody with whom you'll be sharing in a cramped area. 

If you sweat a lot, we are recommending that you have a specialized men's skincare routine. Make sure to follow the below steps when washing the sweat off after a rigorous workout:

Put On Fresh Clothes 

Men usually dress in the same clothes they worked out in. Part of it is due to laziness, and part is because they do not feel their clothes are filthy enough. Understanding that sweaty clothing is detrimental to your health and skin is vital. It might also result in unexpected skin concerns. 

Take A Brief Shower 

Put on a fresh set of clothes after you've removed your sweaty ones. You should take a quick shower when your body temperature and heart rate return to normal after working out. This will keep sweat, oil, and dirt from collecting on your skin, and whatever has gathered on your face and body may be washed away.  

Wash Your Face Gently 

After a productive workout, it's best to apply a light face cleanser and gently wash your face. However, when washing your face, be gentle and avoid over-scrubbing. 

Use A Moisturizer

Washing your face too forcefully may deplete your skin's natural oils. The same thing might happen if you overwork out. As a consequence, after washing your skin, you should moisturize it. However, excessive moisturization may result in acne breakouts. Plus, make sure only to pick a high-quality men's facial moisturizer, especially if you're prone to acne.  

Keep Hydrated

As simple as it may appear, drinking lots of water may help you solve the bulk of your fitness, lifestyle, dietary, and skin issues. Sweat causes you to lose a lot of water while you exercise. As a result, drink thoroughly for the rest of the day to compensate for the loss.

Why Should You Treat Your Skin Differently After Working Out? 

Excessive sweating and oil accumulation on the skin after exercise can lead to clogged pores. As a result, acne breakouts may occur. Second, keeping the skin clean and using skin-friendly hygiene procedures are good for its overall health. 

Moreover, washing the sweat off after a workout is important to avoid skin irritation and infection. However, how quickly you wash the sweat off after a workout depends on your skin type and the intensity of your workout.


Do you frequently perspire throughout your workouts? If so, you should wash it off as soon as possible! Sweat is a natural enemy of bacteria, so keeping your body clean and free of bacteria will help you stay healthy and productive. Lastly, use the best skincare products for men after  you wash the sweat off!  

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