The Definitive Skin Care Routine For Shaving

Men aren’t socially conditioned to care about their skin, but it should be a must if they want to maintain healthy and good-looking skin. When talking about skincare, it’s not just about using a cleanser, moisturizer, and other products. Shaving is also about tending to your skin, and men should relate shaving to skincare.

If you’re only just realizing how important skincare is and how shaving daily can actually contribute to better skin, then you’re in luck. The following tips focus on how shaving can be an effective skincare routine for men.

Pre-Shave Skincare Routine

Before even starting to shave, you need to prep your skin for what’s about to happen. The following skincare routine for men will help you prepare your skin for a safe, healthy shave.

Cleanse with Warm Water

It’s best to start it off with a nice refreshing cleansing using just warm water. Cleansing using warm water is an excellent way to open up the pores and “clear the canvas” of excess grease, grime, and sebum on the skin.

Apply Pre-Shave Oil

Pat your skin dry with a clean towel after that warm cleansing. Next, is applying a pre-shave oil to nourish and soften the hairs. This also allows the razor to seamlessly glide over the skin as if it’s being guided by an invisible layer of fabric over your face.

Shaving Routine

After the pre-shaving ritual, it’s finally time to pick up the razor and start the actual shave. It’s important to use a clean, sharp blade for this. Whether you prefer using a cartridge razor or a safety razor is entirely up to you.

Choose the Shaving Agent of Your Choice

You can choose between shaving creams, gels, oils, or even soaps. There really isn’t an issue of what’s the best option here as it all depends on your personal preference. The goal is to apply them to your face to help reduce the micro-cuts on your face.

Shave Along the Grain

Shaving against the grain is far more efficient and is preferred by most men as it gives you a closer shave. However, doing that risks your hairs getting trapped under the skin, leading to ingrown hairs. This can be extremely painful. When you shave with the grain, you avoid this from happening, saving you on pain. When using this method just give it another pass to make sure it’s a clean shave.

Go Slow and Gentle

Shaving is supposed to be a soothing and enjoyable experience and not something that should irritate you or cause discomfort. So, it’s best to take your time and make gentle but confident strokes. Don’t put too much pressure, or you risk having razor burns or cuts.

Post-Shave Skincare Routine

After the actual shaving, a post-shave routine is also essential to help your skin recover from the bombardment brought on by the razor blades. It’s also a great way to check if you suffered any nicks or cuts from the shave.

Rinse with Cold Water

Just as warm water opens up your pores, cold water does the opposite and relaxes the skin. This will always flush away any debris from your shave.

Disinfect Your Skin

Use a soothing aftershave product to help tone the skin and kill any germs. Avoid any alcohol-based products as they can dry out your skin and lead to irritation. Pick a hydrating aftershave that balances oil production and soothes irritated skin.

Apply a Moisturizer

After the aftershave dries, apply a defensive moisturizer to prevent your skin from extreme dryness or oiliness. It’s that final touch of protection that your skin needs.


A perfectly good skincare routine for men can do a lot of good, and that includes shaving. By incorporating your shaving rituals into your daily skincare routine, you ensure that you have healthy skin that’s not prone to damage and irritation.

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