The Correct Way to Do Your Morning Routine

Every man needs a proper grooming routine to ensure soft, smooth, and blemish-free skin along with shiny, well-maintained facial hair. However, many are unsure about the proper steps to incorporate into their routine, impacting how their skin absorbs the product and the resulting effectiveness. That means there’s a correct order in completing your skincare and hair care in the morning, especially if you’re going for specific results.

It’s important to note that certain hair or skin issues you’d like to correct may add more steps to the list. To make it easy to adapt, we’ve made a general list of the correct way to do your morning routine, which will ensure that your skin care products work as they should. Here are the correct steps to follow:

Wash Hair With Shampoo and Conditioner

When you’re ready to start your morning routine, the first thing to do is to clean your hair. Use a good shampoo to clean your scalp of dirt and sweat, primarily if you’ve worked out. Depending on the shampoo you use, it can also remove product buildup, ensuring the rest of the products work their magic.

After shampooing your hair, apply conditioner, which makes your hair soft and smooth by moisturizing it. Make sure to apply it above your roots to your tips. Once you’re done, rinse your scalp well to wash it of product residue.

Cleanse Your Face

The next step is to wash your face to remove it from oil and dirt, which can clog your pores and result in acne. Use the appropriate kind of facial cleanser for your skin to ensure it stays hydrated and moisturized, paving the way for soft, supple skin and prepping it for the other products you may use.

Wash Your Body

Now that your hair and face are sparkling clean, it’s time to get to the rest of your body. A simple shower gel or your favorite soap should do the trick. Ensure to clean all parts of your body, especially behind the ears and under your feet, which are often overlooked areas.


Rinse off the soap, dry yourself thoroughly, and prep yourself for shaving. The most optimal time to shave is after a warm shower since it primes your skin and makes it soft and warm, enabling you to achieve a clean shave. You can also use a precision trimmer to add more definition to your facial hair.

After shaving, be sure to use a skin balm that will soothe your skin, moisturize it, and prevent dry beards from growing. Products with non-toxic ingredients are best, as they do an excellent job of protecting your skin’s natural barrier, keeping it healthy.

Treat Your Hair

Shaving is usually quick, which means your hair is likely to be damp once you’re done. That creates the perfect opportunity to apply hair products, such as hair oil.

Our hair immediately responds to the environment, which means it can change states right away. Some hair types frizz in humid areas, while others stay neat and organized. Other times, your hair may feel dry, and it can also be extra oily on extra hot days. Whatever your hair needs, this is the time to apply the appropriate product to bring it back into a balanced state and ensure it stays healthy.

However, if you’re prone to greasy hair, exercise caution when using hair oil. Putting too much oil may worsen the problem, so it may be best to use other kinds of products, especially those that balance the oil produced by your scalp.


Morning routines tend to vary, but the steps we’ve outlined are generally the correct way to do it. Now that you know the proper order of your skin and hair care routine, the products you use will work most effectively, giving you the results you’ve always wanted.

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