Razor Burns: Signs, Causes, Duration, and Home Treatments

Shaving is an excellent way to change up someone’s looks. Although it is an unconventional practice, especially for women, the act of cutting the hair using a razor or a blade is a very familiar task for men. However, despite its benefits, shaving also poses risks of injuring the skin due to various reasons.

Razor burn is a skin irritation characterized by red, burning, and itching bumps. The condition only appears after shaving. It is also a type of contact dermatitis, and anyone can get it from careless shaving.

Signs of Razor Burns

Razor burns are not the same as razor bumps. However, people often use the terms interchangeably. If razor burns cause a stinging and burning sensation, razor bumps are ingrown hairs resulting from a hair removal procedure. But both conditions result in red and irritated skin.

Several areas of your body can become subject to razor burns, especially where most people shave—legs, armpits, and face. The razor burns manifest within an hour or two after shaving. In some instances, the skin might also begin to flake aside from the usual signs and symptoms accompanying the condition.

What Causes a Razor Burn?

People develop razor burns due to several reasons. For example, shaving without using any lubricant, either soap or water, may irritate the skin. Contrary to popular belief, shaving against the direction of your hair may also cause a razor burn. 

Another reason might be because of using a dull or old blade. Always make sure to keep your razors sharp and new. The frequency of shaving is also one cause; people shouldn’t shave one area too many times. Lastly, using shaving products that contain irritating chemicals can also lead to razor burns.

Since shaving is a hygienic practice, keeping the razors clean at all times should be a custom to follow. If possible, use disposable razors to ensure you’re not using an old or dull blade which may cause skin irritation. Next, prevent the start of a razor burn by keeping the skin or area shaved before and after the process.

How Long Does a Razor Burn Last?

Generally, a razor burn goes away on its own. Although it helps by applying topical creams to the affected area, people will notice the signs and symptoms will be gone in no time. Sometimes, a razor burn goes away overnight. However, other people may need to wait for the next two to three days before the redness subsides entirely. But through proper conditioning, moisturizing, and applying a cold compress, razor burns should improve without a trace.

How to Treat a Razor Burn (traditional methods)

Treating a razor burn can happen at home. There is no need for extensive medical care from professionals. Although waiting for the condition to subside is the best way to treat it, there are some things you can do to expedite the process.

For those experiencing a burning sensation and itching, placing a cool washcloth on the red area helps calm the skin. On the other hand, using aloe vera or avocado oil to bring more coolness is a great way to minimize the burn.

Meanwhile, for people facing dryness and irritation, it’s important not to rub the area as it may irritate the skin more. For best results, apply an emollient, such as lotion, aftershave, or moisturizer. However, avoid products that contain alcohol as they may cause further irritation. If you’re after nature’s healing powers, coconut oil is the best product to use for hydrating the skin.

Lastly, for people trying to manage inflammation, home remedies such as apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, witch hazel extract, and oatmeal bath are all good for inflamed skin. Meanwhile, people can also seek help from topical creams containing hydrocortisone, which effectively reduces swellness.


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