Proper Grooming Routines for Zoom Meetings - A Guide

It has been more than a year since the coronavirus pandemic forced the world to relocate its day-to-day business to the digital space. For some, the transition was flawless because they were able to adapt to the situation well.

Like most things, interaction and socialization with other people are done online—even with your loved ones. Nowadays, Zoom is the primary medium for face-to-face communication online. Since you’re still facing people in front of a camera, it’s apparent that you should still look presentable during Zoom meetings.

So, what are some grooming tips that you can use? We listed them down for you—read on below to learn more.

Facial Hair

For men, there’s nothing wrong if you have facial hair, be it a mustache to a fully-grown beard. As a matter of fact, guys tend to be jealous of other guys with impressive facial hair, that’s why those with beards go to great lengths just to keep it groomed. However, the general rule of thumb is that the edges should be trimmed in a proper shape daily when it comes to beards. 

Daily trimming can end up taking too much work, so weekly trimming can work just as well. Trimming will also work even if you only have a stubble. We would also like to suggest to use a skin care system that can moisturize and tame an unruly beard and eliminate dry beards. 

Head Hair

The easiest way to groom your hair for a Zoom meeting is by showering and applying shampoo. It’s a virtual meeting only anyways, so there’s no need for you to go the extra mile by using other hair products such as conditioner.

To cut the long story short, grooming your hair as you usually do when working on-site will suffice.

Nose Hair

Nose hair may not be easily seen, but leave it unattended for too long, and it may be! On a more embarrassing note, your long nose hair can be easily seen if you’re using an HD camera for your Zoom meetings.

Depending on your height, there’s a possibility that people are looking up to you, literally. Since they’re looking up to you because of your height, they are very likely to see nose hair if they’re noticeable enough.

The easiest way to lose all that nose hair? Trim, trim, and trim! You can easily trim your nose hair by hand via small scissors or use electric shavers.

Facial Cleaning

A face wash is a primary and go-to solution for many people when grooming their faces. If you use a high-quality face wash, your skin will be healthier. It’s best to do it right before showering to wash it off as you take a bath.

A simple but effective skin care system should be used as well. Dion Michaels has a two-step skin care system where the formulas are custom blended and where we use high quality natural ingredients.

Clothes Preparation

Zoom meetings are often prepared in advance, so it makes sense that you should prepare your clothes ahead of time as well. After all, your facial features alone shouldn’t be the only thing presentable, but your outfit as well.

Picking out clothes when going out can be time-consuming, so what more if it’s a formal meeting? You can always pick semi-formal garments, especially if there’s no specific dress code in your work. Make sure to iron them so that the clothes will look presentable on-screen as well.


Zoom meetings may be done in the comfort of your home, but that doesn’t mean that you should look presentable. The tips listed above not only apply for Zoom meetings but daily living as well. If you look presentable during Zoom meetings, it leaves a good impression on your co-workers.

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