The Importance of Moisturizing Skin for Men and How to Do It

Face moisturizer for men used to be taboo for many since skincare was mostly targeted towards females. Now, there is no room for old-fashioned gender roles since your complexion can be just as prone to imperfections unless taken care of properly. However, you may not be convinced about its benefits. You could also be hesitant to lather things on your skin since it may be your first time. Use this article as your guide to better look after yourself. 

Why Should Men Moisturize Their Skin? 

Moisturizer products for men often refer to beard oil/cream, hand lotion, face cream, and other skincare items designed to keep different areas of the body hydrated. Drinking water and using mild soap can help with this to some degree, but it may not be enough due to exposure to adverse weather conditions and pollution. It leaves your skin dry, crusty, and more susceptible to itchiness, which is a nuisance to deal with, especially on a daily basis. 

If you don’t moisturize your skin, it can easily lead to the early appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, making you look older. For certain skin types, it can become patchy and develop blemishes because there is either minimal or no protective layer to block out the contaminants.

What Can I Do to Stay Committed to My Skin Moisturizing Regimen? 

There are varying factors to consider for men’s skincare: age, skin condition, existing medical ailments, and daily exposure to various elements. It means you may have a different skin routine as compared to others. Fortunately, there are general guidelines to follow for your convenience. Consider the following: 

Learn more about your skin type by observing your T-zone

Your first order of business is to look at the imaginary straight line that goes horizontally across the forehead and another vertical one that goes down at your face’s center up to the chin. Typically, you have dry skin if your complexion is more on the matte side. On the other hand, greasy-looking areas mean you have oily skin. If you find a mixture of both, you have combination skin. 

Contrary to popular belief, face moisturizer is not only for when you have dry or combination skin. Oily-skinned males have to use it too, but they need a hydrating cleanser first before layering on the face lotion. Bearded individuals should also use a beard conditioner occasionally to prevent the follicles from drying out. 

Just be mindful that you may also have sensitive skin, especially if you have redness and feel a tingling sensation after using certain products. Just opt for ones with natural, soothing ingredients, and you should be fine. Alternatively, you can consult with your dermatologist. 

Always wash your face and facial hair before moisturizing 

It is a big no-no to simply use any skincare product on yourself without taking a bath or washing around the particular area (e.g., washing the face before using men’s moisturizer). If you fail to do this, the dirt, oils, and other impurities will be rubbed all over the surface, leading to blotchy, unhealthy skin. 

You may even wrongfully assume that the problem is in your self-care items, even when that is far from the truth. To avoid making this mistake, consider doing your moisturizing routine in the morning or evening after your cleansing routine. 


Keeping your skin blemish-free and moisturized is important to your health, well-being, and self-esteem. It is more than just about being vanity-driven because failing to address this issue can lead to a significantly poorer quality of life, especially considering how you may perceive yourself. So, remember the tips mentioned above and invest in high-quality items like ours! 

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