A Basic Guide to Men's Different Skin Types and Skincare

Understanding the secret to men’s skincare means knowing what type of skin you have and how it reacts to certain substances and environments. While most say it is primarily a vanity exercise, in reality, it is about listening to your body’s needs as outer imperfections manifest from underlying issues. Also, it can impact your self-confidence, affecting your social skills. 

Furthermore, the skin is the largest organ of the human body, so you have to take care of it since not doing so can affect your quality of life. For instance, it can be a distraction at work to keep scratching your cheeks due to a feeling of dryness that cannot be addressed even with a good moisturizer. To resolve this and other similar issues, take note of the following common skin types: 

1. Dry skin 

Having that dry feeling on the face is often associated with humid weather. However, if you still feel this tightness after washing, it may be because you have dry skin. This skin type can be tricky to deal with because it typically means you are more susceptible to eczema, psoriasis, and other similar conditions. The good news is there are skincare products readily available to address the dryness. 

To tend to dry skin, you should first remove exfoliation as part of your skincare routine, as it can cause scarring and lead to a red complexion. Your main goal here is to stay hydrated and keep your skin plump, so invest in a good face moisturizer for men. Opt for one that has natural ingredients, such as aloe vera and oats, because artificial formulations are drying and can irritate the skin’s outer layer. Don’t forget to also consult with a dermatologist for more information. 

2. Oily skin 

Oily skin types are tricky to deal with because they look appealing from afar and can be misinterpreted as having a glowing complexion. Due to this, you may be led to moisturize more to preserve this when what you need to do is to control the oiliness or wetness. It is why men with oily skin should read product descriptions because even the best skincare products for men may further lead to blemishes, boils, and dandruff. 

To remove the excess oils, exfoliate with a facial wash, pat dry with a clean towel, and use the right moisturizer. Don’t forget to watch your diet and bathe regularly to counteract oil generation. For instance, refrain from eating too much junk food. This way, your body will control its oil production and leave you having clear, healthy, glowing skin! 

3. Sensitive skin 

Among the basic skin types, sensitive skin is the most complicated to deal with since it can imply different things. Commonly, it means you have a combination of dry and oily skin, depending on your health, age, environment, and other factors. Aside from skincare, you may have to watch out for the things you are exposed to daily, what you eat, what kinds of surfaces you touch, and how to alleviate skin issues.

For instance, let’s say you have skin asthma, which is a common problem for those with sensitive skin. This condition is caused by certain harsh soaps and skincare products that lead to watery boils and itchiness. To address this, you should use all-natural skincare products from trustworthy suppliers and medical professionals. Doing this can mitigate the symptoms and improve your daily lifestyle. 


Skincare is every man’s responsibility when it comes to addressing their overall well-being, and it starts with understanding one’s skin type. Fortunately, you now have a frame of reference to determine your skin conditions and necessary self-care habits. Just remember the three basic types mentioned above, do more research, and use trusted skincare products like ours! 

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