What You Need to Know About Aftershave

For many people, using aftershave is a daily routine. Many men think this is just a way to add a bit of luxury to a shave like a lady would apply perfume. It's not required, but it sure does make you smell good!  

As a result, many men decide not to use aftershave products again after getting burned by one. 

Continue reading to learn why aftershave irritates, as well as whether or not applying it following a shave is truly necessary.

Why Does Aftershave Hurt or Burn When You Use It After Shaving?

When you use a product such as an aftershave, you're likely to experience a stinging sensation. This is due to its high concentration of antiseptic. The alcohol used in aftershaves can be drying, so the stinging sensation is often described as burning.

Does Aftershave Work?

The primary purpose of aftershave is to kill germs and prevent infection. Many aftershaves can also avoid the results of a nicked or damaged skin, such as razor bumps. Although alcohol is not the best ingredient for treating skin issues, it does reasonably well.

How Long Does It Take for an Aftershave to Wear Off?

Most aftershaves are designed to dry very fast. This is because the alcohol in it can cause dryness. Applying aftershave on wet shaving cream can cause the alcohol to evaporate more quickly.

How Often Should You Use Aftershave?

You can use aftershave as often as you want. Of course, the best time to use it is just after a shave. The stinging sensation will be most effective at this time because your skin is still raw. 

Whether you should use aftershave every time depends on your preference. If you're using an aftershave that contains alcohol, you may want to apply it because it can prevent infection and dryness. 

If you're using an aftershave that doesn't contain alcohol, you don't have to worry about the stinging sensation. But if you're eager to smell good all day, then go for it!

What Is the Best Aftershave to Use?

If you want to ensure your aftershave is not going to burn or cause irritation, the best aftershave to use is a non-alcohol-based aftershave. These are easy to find, and they are also much gentler on your skin.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Aftershave?

Aftershave is essential in healing skin infections like razor bumps. It can also help moisturize and hydrate dry and damaged skin. It enables the skin to restore its natural oils lost through the shaving process.

Knowing the best ways to care for your face after having a clean shave can also be a good thing. A lot of times, it can be hard to find an aftershave that doesn't cause an adverse reaction to your skin. However, finding a fragrance that won't irritate organic products is possible.


Aftershaves are a great addition to your skincare routine. They help remove bacteria and prevent infections. The cooling sensation will make you feel refreshed, and you'll smell great, too!

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