Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Why You Have a Patchy Beard

Whether following the No Shave November trend (Movember) or just trying on a new look, there's nothing more rewarding than growing facial hair. It symbolizes masculinity, and many men consider it a defining appearance. A majestic beard can also boost your self-esteem, protect you from the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, and reduce the risk of bacterial infections. 

Sadly, not everyone can grow a full, thick beard, which can be frustrating. Patchy beards occur in small areas where hair doesn't grow, creating an uneven look. These unwanted spots can appear on your cheek, jawbone, and chin. While your first instinct may be to find hair and skin care products for men, you may wonder why this happens.

If you want to get the needed help and achieve your dream look, this article will explore four reasons you might have a patchy beard and how you could fix them. 

Reason 1: Genetics

Just like some men may have a higher chance of developing male pattern baldness, others may struggle to grow a full beard because of the genes determining their facial hair's thickness, color, and texture. For instance, if your father or grandfather had struggled with a patchy beard, you may have one too, which you can’t control. 

Although genetics play a significant role in growing facial hair, you must remember that other factors like lifestyle choices, age, and medical conditions can also contribute to patchy beard growth. You could promote healthy beard growth by using the right skincare products for men and caring for your skin. 

Reason 2: Age 

As men undergo puberty, their voice deepens, and they start growing facial hair. However, once you turn 24 or 25, your testosterone levels peak, and they can determine the beard’s fullness. If your facial hair is not as complete as you wanted, it may indicate the ability to grow it without supplements or treatments. 

You could promote new hair growth by using micro-needlers, which can slightly puncture and stimulate blood flow to the area. Also, remember that this process is lengthy, and you should only let professionals do it. Moreover, investing in quality skincare products for men, eating a healthy diet, and staying active could promote healthy beard growth. 

Reason 3: Alopecia 

Alopecia occurs when you experience hair loss on different body parts, including the scalp and face. You or your dermatologist can usually detect this as patches where hair doesn't grow. While alopecia doesn't discriminate between genders, it significantly affects men, especially if you're trying to grow facial hair. Besides negatively affecting your self-esteem, it can prevent you from achieving your dream beard. 

While you can manage alopecia by consulting a dermatologist, finding the appropriate skincare products for men, or taking supplements, the most important thing is to have confidence in yourself. Your hair or beard doesn’t define who you are, and you can still look great even if you’re experiencing hair loss. You can remedy a balding beard or head with a stylish mustache! 

Reason 4: Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones are crucial for hair growth, and an imbalance can affect the beard’s thickness and hair distribution. Testosterone is responsible for facial hair, hair growth, and muscle development. Without enough testosterone, hair growth may not occur on the face or other areas, which can cause a patchy beard. 

Fortunately, some supplements and practices can increase testosterone levels and promote beard growth. You must also see a doctor if you suspect you have a hormonal imbalance because they can recommend appropriate treatments and skincare products for men to promote healthy beard growth. 


No man deserves to feel bad about themselves because of a patchy beard. You can achieve glorious facial hair by investing in beard care and skincare products for men, consulting a doctor, and following a healthy lifestyle. 

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