Preventing and Caring for Men’s Dehydrated Facial Skin

Do you have dry or dehydrated skin? If you’re uncertain, you're reading the right article. At Dion Michaels, we know a thing or two about skincare, and we’re happy to share our knowledge with you.

Let’s examine their differences and determine the best men’s skincare routine to combat these dreaded skin types.

Dry vs. Dehydrated

Dehydrated skin can look and feel dry, tight, and flaky. It can also cause your skin to feel itchy. If you have dehydrated skin, you might notice that your makeup doesn’t apply as smoothly as usual or that your foundation looks a little cakey. 

On the other hand, dry skin can feel tight and rough and may even crack and bleed. It can be a real pain and can be hard to manage. But don't worry; you can do a few things to help ease the discomfort and keep your skin healthy and hydrated. 

What Causes These Skin Problems? 

Several things can cause dry skin, but some of the most common reasons include:

  • Good old-fashioned aging: As you age, your skin thins and becomes less elastic. This is because they produce fewer proteins their skin needs to be healthy and take longer to heal when damaged. As a result, the fatty tissues below your skin decrease, and your skin gets drier and less able to protect itself from damage. All of these changes mean that your skin is more susceptible to injury and less able to heal quickly. 
  • Sun damage: The sun's UV rays are extremely damaging to your skin cells, causing them to become dry and dehydrated. Worse still, this can lead to serious skin conditions such as melanoma. 
  • Bad showering habits: You might love the feeling of a hot shower, but it's not doing your skin any favors as it removes the natural oils from your skin, leaving it dry and vulnerable. 

Preventing and Caring for Dehydrated Skin

While dry and dehydrated skin can make any man look and feel older than he is, there are men’s skincare secrets that can make a huge difference in the health and appearance of their skin. Here are a few to start with: 

  • Cleanse gently: Cleansing your face with an ordinary bar of soap can strip away your skin’s natural oils, leaving your face dry and irritated. Instead, you should use a gentle, pH-balanced cleanser that won’t strip away your skin’s natural moisture. Afterward, wash with cold water and pat your skin dry. Remember, no hot water is allowed! 
  • Exfoliate: To properly care for your skin, you need to exfoliate regularly. This will help ensure that your skin is free of dead cells and can retain moisture better.
  • Stay covered from the sun: Sunscreen is important to use every day, even when you’re not going to the beach. UV rays damage your skin even when not under direct sunlight. 

To prevent dry and dehydrated skin, you should apply sunscreen every morning. This includes cloudy days, cold days, and rainy days. Include it in your morning routine to put on sunscreen before leaving your house. 


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