5 Ideal Anti-Aging Ingredients to Find in Skincare Products

Nobody escapes the wrath of age—even men. Taking care of the skin isn’t only a women’s thing but also a men’s thing. At twenty years old, the body may experience a reduction in collagen production, causing the skin to appear thinner and less resilient. In effect, people may start to exhibit early signs of aging even before they hit the quarter-life crisis.

Besides genetics, another factor that encourages sped-up aging is a person’s lifestyle. Too much exposure to the sun, smoking, drinking alcohol, and not enough sleep contribute to thinner and less supple skin. However, technology made necessary discoveries on how to prolong a youthful glow even when the skin isn’t producing enough substances to stay young.

One of the best methods to slow down the skin’s aging process is using preventive or corrective measures, like simple skincare routines. Although men are the type of people who often settle for just water and soap, nothing beats the effects of a complete skincare routine to stop the aging process. But in choosing the best face care for men, which ingredients should the gents look for in a product? Here are some examples.


Also known as the active form of vitamin A, retinoids combat fine lines and wrinkles by helping the human body produce more collagen. If the skin aging process starts at twenty years old, retinoids are the first skincare product people should learn to apply to the skin to prevent losing collagen-production properties, one percent per year.

Vitamin C

Besides being an excellent body defense booster, vitamin C acts as the skin’s antioxidant against radical damage acquired from harmful sun exposure and environmental irritants. Moreover, it is also a good exfoliant. It makes the dead skin cells easier to strip off from the skin’s surface, revealing a newer layer.


Niacinamide is the jack-of-all-trades of the skincare industry. Also a form of vitamin B3, it fortifies the skin’s barrier without causing any irritation. Niacinamide is the best product to use on sensitive skin, fighting off radical damage without causing any harm to the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is the mastermind for helping the body retain moisture to prevent it from drying out efficiently. As we age, the skin loses moisture which can be an issue that causes cracked, flaky skin. In effect, it adds moisture to the skin while improving its texture.


The tandem of hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids helps aid the skin’s natural exfoliation process. In effect, your skin appears smoother and brighter while absorbing other skincare products better.


Men’s skin is 25 percent thicker compared to women’s skin. Therefore, it contains more collagen and elastin, making it appear firmer and youthful over time. However, once the skin starts aging, men’s skin develops more profound and severe wrinkles than women’s skin.

Another factor that affects the skin’s aging process in men is shaving. Due to a more frequent exfoliation process from the razor blades rubbing against the skin, men tend to have a newer layer of skin once in a while. However, too much shaving can also become a severe problem as the process strips off the skin’s protective barrier.

Despite all the needed ingredients for an effective anti-aging skincare routine, men do not have to worry about applying five products to their faces simultaneously. Most skincare products now include at least two or three crucial ingredients in their formula to make the routines easier to follow.

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