2021 Skincare and Grooming Trends for the Modern Man

Despite the pandemic forcing the world’s economies into a grinding halt, one of the things that did not slow down is our continued appreciation of everything that has to do with health and wellness. That appreciation includes our love for men’s skincare. With 2021 almost at the halfway point, it’s still not too late to get into the latest skincare trends for men this year.

1. Beard Care and Shaving

The one that takes the cake this year is growing and maintaining a beard. With a majority of people stuck inside their own homes, it allowed the beard growers and enthusiasts to let their manes grow out and proud. It’s the perfect time to experiment with whatever beard styles you desire.

While growing a beard seems simple enough, it still needs the same level of care and attention as the rest of your body. That makes the need for a beard care product more and more important as the rise of men sporting a beard continues to this day.

2. Quality Cleansers

If you go a few years back, you’ll never believe the words “luxury” and “men’s skincare” could ever belong in a single sentence. There’s that stigma that skincare only applies to women, and only they can benefit from it. Now, more men realize the benefits of a proper facial cleanser. For many men, a quality cleanser can go a long way to keeping their skin clean all the time. Some of these important benefits include:

  • Purifying the face
  • Avoiding skin complications
  • Maintaining skin hydration
  • Removing dirt, pollution, and toxins
  • Providing anti-aging effects
  • Relaxing the skin
  • Rejuvenating dry and damaged skin
  • Readying the face for wet shaving

A top-of-the-line cleanser is the first step to developing a healthy skincare routine for men. By making sure you cleanse your face at least twice a day, you’re already taking good care of your skin.

3. Home Care

If it wasn’t for beard trend, home care products for men might be the most significant trend to look out for in 2021. Just when more men are starting to flock to the nearest salon and barbershop to get a spa, a shave, or a facial, the pandemic suddenly forced everyone back to their homes again. While most people haven’t spent this much time at home in a long time, it’s certainly the perfect opportunity to develop some of the best skincare routines for men at home.

4. Anti-Aging Solutions

Aging skin is an inevitability for all of us. It has been a fact of life that as we age, so does our skin. Interestingly enough, men’s skin ages in an entirely different way than women’s. Why, you ask? That’s because of facial hair. It all comes back to facial hair. Because of shaving, men get a great advantage as it is an excellent form of exfoliation that causes men to age slower from the eyes down. Imagine having a natural anti-aging mechanism that even women don’t have access to.


For quite some time, men’s skincare has been an emerging trend in the beauty industry. It’s only a matter of time before men’s skincare will become a part of every young man’s upbringing as it becomes much more embraced today than it was ever before.

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